Johni Bleu is a visual artist born in the south of the United States. Bleu, who has always been fascinated by how the world is perceived through the eyes of others was naturally drawn to psychology. The interest was cultivated during his teenage years and further developed into college where he successfully gained a BS in psychology as well as an undergraduate degree in education. 


Self-taught, Bleu began painting as a means of balancing life’s emotional highs and lows. Bleu focusses on loss and regeneration of life and uses portrait painting as a means of highlighting and immortalizing peoples greatest accomplishments.


Bleu believes that what makes artist credible is their ability to relate to the subject matter on a personal level. “Essentially I believe it gives the artist an opportunity to give energy to the piece that would otherwise be less appealing. Life experience is everything.” Bleu says. “I have experienced great success, heartbreak, loss, and failure. Art is my way of sharing my story, and learning about many others.”


Bleu’s work has been featured across the United States on a number of national platforms including ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and NBC. Bleu has big plans for the future and the work ethic to match. 




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